This week in what is termed by Chief Justice John Roberts of the United States Supreme Court, an egregious breach of trust, a preliminary document on the court’s ruling on an abortion issue was leaked to the press. If the outcome from the preliminary document remains the same, it will overturn the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision legalizing abortion in the United States. While this might be seen as a tremendous victory for the Pro-Life movement, it also potentially brings greater division in our civil society. It is interesting to note that pro-choice advocates have failed to recognize the irresponsible act of leaking this preliminary document to the public.  It is a complete disgrace on the individual or individuals who have broken their respect of office and the justices.

            Certainly, as Catholics, we are pro-life and have continued for almost fifty years to endorse overturning this tragic ruling.  The potential ruling will not make abortion illegal, but rather, will turn these decisions over to the states, an idea which even a previous pro-choice justice termed the proper ruling which should have happened with the original decision. As Catholics, we must continue to endorse respect for the dignity of life in all forms, certainly abortion, but which also, includes rescinding the death penalty, rescinding assisted suicide, standing in opposition to euthanasia and showing respect and dignity to all persons regardless of race, country of origin or religion.

            The outpouring of anger and hateful remarks against those who are pro-life, including against the Church, by pro-choice advocates is unacceptable and an offense against human dignity and freedom of religion guaranteed in the Constitution.  Equally offensive would be those who claim to be pro-life and yet endorse similar hateful words and tactics. As Catholics, we are called to promote peace and justice, dignity, and respect to all persons, even those whose views may be contrary to ours.  I pray that our focus on the issue of abortion does not cause us to be blinded by the plight of so many other injustices around us.  Archbishop Hartmayer issued a statement asking us to consider how we as Catholics can work to endorse respect of life in our various ministries and as Catholics. May we strive to advance peace and harmony in society. We must also pray for our political leaders, some of whom claim to be Catholics, yet reject the Church’s teaching on respect of life in the womb. Indeed, they need our prayers and to be reminded of the faith which they profess, a faith which is incompatible with taking of innocent life in the womb.  You cannot be Catholic and pro-choice. May the Lord keep us in his hand as we fight this terrible evil in society.